What We Do

Sales Enablement Sherpas (SES) is focused on improving your company’s top-line performance. As a performance management consultancy, we examine your sales function from prospecting to delivery and its interactions with the rest of your organization. We look for friction points which are decreasing your ability to meet quota and optimize profitability, then create a Sales Enablement Charter unique to your company which can be used as a roadmap to mitigate that friction.

As a systems integrator, we tap into our broad network of sales enablement vendors and professionals – the Sherpas – to bring together the unique mix of technology, processes, and services for your current and future sales needs. There is no single solution which fits every company’s situation; each company is unique, some requiring a more robust sales enablement function while others may need a simple adjustment or enhancement to an existing SE program.

Our goal is to harness what you already have in place in terms of people, processes, and infrastructure, build upon your core competencies, and guide you in a direction optimized for your sales situation. We work with companies of all sizes and in all industries. We’ll design programs which are scalable and sustainable, so you can use them as you continue to grow. Our aim is to create other Sherpas from within your organization who will be competent stewards of your future enablement efforts.

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Working with Sales Enablement Sherpas

SES offers multiple paths to improving your sales. Whether you’re seeking a single tactical Sales Enablement program to be designed and implemented (such as a Sales Leader Development program, a dynamic Sales Coaching program, a new Onboarding program, etc.), or are looking to establish or revamp a larger, strategic, and comprehensive Sales Enablement function, SES can help. Scalability is critical to implementing change and gaining adoption within your organization; utilizing agile development, programs are designed to be implemented in stages to minimize disruption to your ongoing sales activities.

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The SES Framework

SES has designed a simple, four-stage enablement framework. We'll work with you up to the level you feel is appropriate for your organization. Our goal is to make your sales function more effective by guiding you in establishing sustainable, flexible enablement programs customized to your needs, which you'll be able to manage going forward. We want you to be autonomous, not dependent upon us.

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Example Elements of a World-Class Sales Enablement Function

Following are just a few of the elements which SES can design into your sales enablement initiative. You may only need or desire one two of these elements, or you may want to have these and other elements revamped and modernized due to your changing sales environment.


Sales Coaching is recognized as the single most effective activity for improving sales. Even so, most companies don't have a formal, standardized sales coaching program in place, leaving it up to sales leaders to coach their teams in whatever fashion they choose (if they're doing it at all). Do you want to stop leaving this critical aspect of sales to chance, and start leveraging coaching in an impactful, measurable way to improve revenue production?

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Salesforce Assessments

The days of guessing are over - assess, don't guess. Do you know what motivates each of your sellers (hint: it's probably not money)? Do you know the strengths of your salesforce, and where there are competency gaps? Have you baselined your saleforce to understand which seller has the highest probability of being successful with a given buyer persona? Want to improve your chances of winning more deals by hiring the right sellers?

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Communication Skills

Being able to communicate effectively is a skill in which every seller needs to be proficient, yet it's a major gap in many sellers' repertoire - and a skill most buyers wish sellers were better at. From basic presentation skills to more advanced storytelling and whiteboarding, engaging your clients through effective message delivery is more important today than ever before...

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Are your sellers and Marketing teams collaborating as effectively as possible to create messages which resonate with your clients? How much of the collateral your Marketing team produces is easily found by the sellers when they need it? Proper integration of Sales & Marketing is the equivalent of tuning up your car's engine so it fires on all 12 cylinders so it runs smoothly and powerfully.

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Change Management

Implementing one Sales Enablement element might affect 16 other areas within the company. Understanding the impact of Sales Enablement on the entire organization, ensuring all stakeholders are onboard, and managing that change is the difference between success and failure of Sales Enablement initiatives.

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Sales Technology Stack

"The Stack" is becoming hard to manage. CRM, CMS, RPA, AI, ML, SaaS, XaaS... You really can't sell in today's digital economy without technology, but it's getting incredibly complex to decide what you need - because it's always changing. And at the same time, if you implement your technology incorrectly, you'll find yourself with an expensive piece of technology that's outdated three months after you put it to work...

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Still onboarding your new sellers the same way it's been done since the 1980's - lots of people in a room, lots of data-dumping and hoping things stick? Today, time to productivity is too important to leave to chance. New techniques can shorten ramp time considerably, and at the same help your sellers build their internal networks and adapt to the culture of your organization.

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Sales Leader Development

It's rare that the head coach of a pro sports team was ever the best player in their sport - because the skills required to play v. lead are radically different. Yet in sales, it's usually the best sellers (individual contributors) who are promoted to sales leaders, often without any specific skill development around leading sellers. This is a significant hidden source of performance drag, and one which can and should be addressed.

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Sales L&D (Training) Modernization

L&D isn't just about putting information into a seller's head - it's about getting information out of a seller's and ensuring they use it. A solid, modern L&D program will produce measurable behavioral change which moves needles. SES will show you how to revamp your existing sales L&D program so it meets the current and future needs of both the organization and the seller.

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