Meet the Team

It's impossible to reach the heights you're aiming for alone. It takes a team to make the ascent. Here are the key members of the team.

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Mountain Climber Extraordinaire

You are a business professional with a passion for, and a focus on, helping your clients succeed. Your experience ranges from fresh out of school to 40-year business veteran, and you understand that without approaching your sales challenges as a cross-functional and highly integrated team you'll forever be struggling to reach the summit. You recognize that the only constant in the world today is change, and you believe in what Charles Darwin said: "It's not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but those most adaptable to change."

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The Sherpas

Enablement Pros

Every sales environment has unique challenges. There is no single right answer, no "magic bullet"; you need the right tool for the right job at the right time. During your ascent, you'll need a variety of solutions, and professionals (Sherpas) to show you how and when to apply them. Enablement Sherpas will work with you to build and integrate the right team of services and technology partners you'll need for your climb.

Bob Britton

Founder & CEO

Bob has been in sales,  enablement, and L&D for more than 25 years.  A Navy veteran, his military and corporate leadership experience, along with his MBA, provides a unique and accurate perspective on the current and future needs of our complex and rapidly changing business environment. Bob builds and leads teams that focus on sales optimization, cross-functional knowledge management, systems integration, organizational development, leadership development, coaching, performance improvement, and paradigm alignment. He presents and blogs regularly on enablement topics, and is the Dallas Chapter President of the Sales Enablement Society.

Why The Enablement Sherpas?

Sales is arguably the world’s third-oldest profession. After thousands of years, you’d think we’d have cracked the code by now on how to sell, yet selling continues to be a challenge for nearly every organization. Why?

It's About People...

Finnerty, Kurt Vonnegut’s character from his book Player Piano, puts it like this: “If only it weren’t for the people… always getting tangled up in the machinery. If it weren’t for them, Earth would be an engineer’s paradise.” Sales organizations often think like Finnerty, behaving like engineers and breaking down sales into logical, rational processes - which only makes sense, especially in today’s increasingly complex sales environment. We've become great at reverse-engineering, deconstructing, analyzing, and codifying what it takes to sell, but sometimes not so great at putting it all back together so it runs correctly. There are often pieces left over when trying to reassemble the selling process, and those leftover pieces are usually the people. We deploy the latest technological tools, create rational selling processes, and then expect irrational sellers and buyers to behave rationally and predictably as if they were robots. If it weren’t for people, the earth would be a seller’s paradise...

It's About Your Customers...

The increasing “noise” of sales methodologies, CRMs, AI, RPA, BI, data analytics, and a universe of other factors continues to complicate the sales environment and drowns out this one simple fact: A decision to buy is an irrational, emotional, bias-laden act supported by rational thought. If you want to more effectively help your clients meet their immediate needs and guide them to get to where they want to be, then place a bit more focus on helping your salesforce to enable their clients in making their irrational buying decisions, in concert with your rationally engineered sales processes. In other words, help your salesforce re-learn how to connect with their clients as people, not merely as quotas to be retired. It sounds simple, but creating the correct culture, mindset, and competencies in an organization to accomplish this can be daunting. The Enablement Sherpas was founded to help companies re-learn how to put people back into their sales equations and navigate their climb up their mountain.

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Next Steps...

Start building the team and the solutions you need to make your ascent...